joely neilan is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice predominantly focuses on sculptural paintings and objects made from concrete.


Joely Neilan (b. 1996) is from Kettering, England. She is a multidisciplinary Artist, whose practice predominantly focuses on Sculptural Paintings and Objects made from concrete.

Joely’s practice is heavily focused on taking imagery & visuals derived from exploring urban environments. In a world where no condition is permanent, she finds herself gaining inspiration from what she calls “urban imperfections”, often found in the more derelict areas of towns, cities & built environments.

She takes visual cues and snippets from architectural forms, textures and surfaces which are represented through the characteristics of the materials she uses within her work to create a unique aesthetic that resembles a derelict ‘chic’ visual with accents and bursts of colour. For Joely, the process behind creating her work is very important and centres around the relationships between the materials she uses, structural integrity, layers, tensions and fragility.


a selection of joely's work can be found on instagram.


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